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Fish Tape

Run wire through those hard to reach places with the help of wire fishing tools. This specialized tool assists the process of wires and cord installation in any wire application. They are easy to use with convenient reels letting go and winding tape as needed. Each fish tape reel available below comes with different characteristics that provide different benefits. Some reels hold up to 25 feet, ideal for short fishing runs in existing structures. Other reels hold up to 250 feet for bigger projects. Some of the fish tapes are designed with enhanced ergonomic handles that function as a pulling grip and allow quick retrieval of tape. All fishing tape reels have a 250 pound pulling strength rating, and contain special steel wire that does not curl up when extended, allowing the tape to be easily fed over suspended ceilings, down walls and under carpeting. Tape is wound directly into the housing of each reel, and can be easily disassembled for fast replacement of tape. The reels themselves are shatter-proof, allowing it to stand up to on-the-job abuse. Fish hooks, wire fishing tool balls and pull line are also available.

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