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Crimping Tools

Crimping tools, also referred to as a cable crimper, are an essential tool that you need when making electrical connections. A cable crimper is specifically designed for crimping, or pinching, the barrel and insulation of a terminal, lug, or other type of electrical connector onto a piece of wire or cable. This is what allows an electrical connection to be made in a vehicle or other electrical application. Below is a full line of professional grade crimpers. Characteristics differ with each crimping tool offering. The difference in characteristics provides you with different specifics that provide different benefits for different applications. The various characteristics include crimp shape, gauge size, how to crimp (hand vs. hammer), as well as what connector and connector types the tool is designed for. All of these characteristics come in different grades, such as light-duty, standard-duty and heavy-duty. Also available are crimping tool hybrids. These tools will allow you to complete an electrical connection in its entirety, as they will cut, strip and crimp a wire or cable. The abundance of unique characteristics ensures that you have the tool that meets the demands of various electrical and vehicle applications.