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Solar PV Crimp Tool - 12-10 Gauge

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Connectors are used in the solar energy industry to connect PV panels in multi-panel configurations. They consist of a male cable coupler (housing), female cable coupler (housing), socket contact, and pin contact. The contacts are crimped onto the solar cable, then assembled with the cable coupler housings before being mated together. The Solarlok crimp tool by TE Connectivity is designed specifically to crimp PV connector contacts, and will work with all industry standard connectors size 12-10 gauge.

  • Includes crimp head and locator.
  • Ratcheting action.
  • Crimps 12-10 gauge Solar PV Connectors.
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990042 TE Connectivity 1-1579004-2, Solar PV Connector Crimp Tool, 12-10 Ga (1 MIN) 412.97 1 EA
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