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Automotive Wire - Electrical Wire & Cable

Automotive wire has been a core part of Del City's product offering since 1947. In addition to automotive wire, Del City also offers automotive wiring supplies. At Del City, there is wide variety of automotive wire and automotive wiring products to fit your needs. With over 15 types of electrical wire and cable which all come in a variety of sizes, lengths, ratings, and colors, Del City can be your direct source for all your wiring needs. The automotive wire offered by Del City is primarily insulated copper wire. While much of Del City’s choices are considered automotive electrical wire, they can still accommodate different types of industrial, marine, and agricultural applications. Electrical wire and cable types offered include primary wire, battery cable, duplex brake cable, trailer cable & trailer wire, welding cable, parallel wire, cross-link wire, parallel booster cable, marine wire and cable, power cord, RVI wire, speaker wire, rip cord, and ground strap. The electrical wire and cable wire offered by Del City comes in numerous spool sizes, and various gauge sizes. The Del City automotive wire choices also come in multiple conductors - from 1 conductor to 7 conductor, depending on the type of wire. Electrical wire options also include a variety of colors including red, white, blue, green, black, yellow, brown, gray, purple, pink, and orange, depending on the type. Del City carries over 1,000 options, and custom electrical wire ordering is also available. In addition to electrical wire, Del City also offers wire racks and carts to keep wire organized. Free shipping over $99!