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Electrical Wire

Electrical wire has been a core part of Del City's product offering since 1947. Electrical wiring options below are most commonly used for automotive, but they are not limited to automotive use because at Del City there is very wide variety of electrical wiring products to fit your needs. The selection of electrical wire offered by Del City can also be used for other general wiring, marine wiring, and industrial wiring applications, subject to ratings. In fact, Del City carries over 15 types of electrical wire and cable wire to accommodate all these different types of applications. These 15 options come in a variety of gauge sizes, lengths, ratings, and colors, all depending on the type of wire chosen. The electric wire offered by Del City is primarily insulated copper wire, which is why automotive is the most common use. Electrical wire and cable wire offered includes primary wiring, battery cable, duplex brake cable, trailer cable and trailer wire cable, welding cable, parallel wiring, cross-link wiring, parallel booster cable, marine wiring and cable wire, power cord, RVI wiring, speaker wiring, rip cord, and ground strap. Each type of electric wire comes on a spool. The size and material of the spool the wiring comes on varies by the type of wiring as well. The electric wire and cable offered by Del City comes in numerous wire spool sizes, and various gauge sizes, as well as a selection of conductor configurations. The cable can be found in options from 2 conductor to 7 conductor, depending on the type of wiring. Standard 1 conductor options are also available, such as primary wiring. Industry standard colors are the primary color choices for the electrical wire at Del City: red, white, blue, green, black, yellow, brown, gray, purple, pink, and orange, depending on the type. Del City carries over 1,000 electrical wiring options to choose from, and is an easy one stop shop for all your wiring needs. Free shipping on orders over $99!