Battery Cable, Cable Assemblies, & Ground Straps

Ideal for battery cable replacements, our SGT and SGX battery cable offering is manufactured to SAE J-1127 specifications with copper stranding and either PVC thermoplastic polyvinyl chloride insulation (SGT) or XLPE insulation (SGX) to provide protection against the elements, oils, acids and cracking. With an assortment of quality, full annealed soft-drawn copper stranded cable available in varying lengths and sizes, our selection can meet the needs of any application, big or small. From large bulk wire spools to convenient sized coils and cable assemblies, Del City can meet most any of your cable needs. Del City offers battery cable in red or black in large bulk wire in 500ft or 100ft spools and convenient 25ft battery cable coils.

Our cable assembly and ground strap options make high quality connections, and they allow for trouble free installation. The battery cable assembly is cut to length and terminated with copper ferrules. There are three different assemblies available: Lead Battery Cables, Golf Cart Battery Cables, and Tinned Wire Switch-to-Starter Cables. The lead battery cables are top post automotive battery assemblies that can also be used for farm, fleet, and industrial applications. This style comes in various lengths in 6 gauge and 4 gauge options. Golf Cart Battery Cables are used ideally with golf carts, but also used on ATVs or other small vehicles. They are available in 6 gauge cable with 9 inch or 14 inch lengths. Switch-to-Starter cables are tinned wire assemblies that are covered with single wall shrink tube for added protection. They are available in 6 gauge and 4 gauge in various lengths. Our variety of battery cables is ideal for the various replacement, customization, or rebuilding needs of your application.