Battery Cable, Ground Straps, & Assemblies

Del City offers both SGT and SGX battery cable options, as well as a large welding cable selection, so you can find just the right cable for your project or application. SGT and SGX battery cable is manufactured to SAE J-1127 specifications with copper stranding. The SGT cable features a thermoplastic PVC insulation, while the SGX cable features a high-grade, RoHS compliant, XPLE insulation. Both insulations are protective against the elements and resistant to oils, acids, and cracking. SGT and SGX battery cables are offered in 6 gauge to 4/0 gauge spools. The spools are offered in red or black cable options in 25, 100, and 500 foot sizes. From bulk cable spools, to convenient sized coils, Del City can meet the cable needs of most any project. Battery cable assemblies, ground straps, and overmolded cable options are also available.

Battery cable assemblies make a great connection with trouble free installation. The assemblies are available in top post designs with or without leads, golf cart specific setups, tinned wire switch-to-starter options, and side terminal with leads. All assemblies are available in red or black varieties and 4 gauge to 6 gauge options depending on your varying needs. Ground straps are cut to length and terminated with a terminal and lug (or lug to lug) for easy installation. The straps are flexible enough for use in tight spaces while being durable enough for a multitude of grounding applications. Finally, overmolded cable assemblies are offered to help keep your battery connection organized and in place. The overmolded assemblies are available in 2-4 battery size options to fit your specific install. Whether you need a bulk spool of battery cable, or a specific assembly, Del City is ready to meet the demands of your battery and electrical installs or projects.

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