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4 Gauge SGX Battery Cable - 25 to 500 Foot Spools

SGX battery cable is designed for use between battery terminals and starter and grounding for boats, buses, cars, lift trucks, RVs, tractors and trucks. SGX battery cable is constructed with flexible stranded copper conductors and a high grade, RoHS compliant XLPE insulation. This battery cable is resistant to acid, abrasion, alkalis, coolant, diesel fluid, ethanol, flame, gas, ozone, power steering fluid, oil and transmission fluid. SGX battery cable meets the requirements of UL 558 paragraph 8.1 item (f) and UL 583 paragraph 12.1 item (f).

  • Copper stranded SGX battery cable with XLPE insulation.
  • Built to SAE Specification J-1127.
  • Temperature Rating: 125°C.
  • Red and black available in all gauges.
  • Available in 500 & 100-ft spools as well as 25-ft coils.
  • Rated to 60V DC.
  • RoHS Compliant.
500-FT 100-FT 25-FT
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5614801 Red, SGX Battery Cable, 4 Ga (500 ft. MIN)
1.20 I 1.05 I 1.01
500 FT Call
5614805 Black, SGX Battery Cable, 4 Ga (500 ft. MIN)
1.20 I 1.05 I 1.01
500 FT