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Auxiliary Sockets, Receptacles & USB Chargers

Del City offers a variety of auxiliary sockets, motor plugs, receptacles, and USB charger options to assist you in establishing a superior electrical connection in your vehicle or application. Our sockets and plugs are designed with plug locks and fast mounting clips for a quick and easy installation. Standard 12V plug and receptacles are available to fit into most any electrical application. While an auxiliary outlet and mounting bracket can be installed to help fulfill power source needs. Specific trolling motor plugs and receptacles are also available to provide a superior and secure connection for your motor. Finally, a variety of dual USB charger options can be found depending on your charging needs. The dual USB charger and circuit breaker panel gives you the charging solution needed while offering protection and the ability to shut off when needed. Standard 12V-24V dual USB chargers with mounting plates along with Blue Sea Systems dual USB charger mount provide protection from debris and moisture - ideal for any harsh environment applications. Setup your system with the power sources you need for a superior electrical connection with sockets, plugs, receptacles, and dual USB chargers from Del City.

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