Battery Cable & Assemblies

When it comes to battery cable and battery assemblies, Del City is your go-to shop. Marine applications require stronger connections and the ability to handle tough terrains. When water reaches the battery cable or battery assembly, ordinary cable can rust or start to deteriorate. This puts your application at risk for efficiency and safety. Del City’s offers SGT and SGX battery cable options that are resistant to oils, acids, extreme elements, and cracking. The SGT cable boasts thermoplastic insulation while the SGX battery cable features XPLE insulation. Both types of battery cable meet SAE J-1127 specifications and feature copper stranding. For extra ease of use, Del City offers battery cable assemblies for a quick application.

Once your marine application chooses the right SGT battery cable or SGX battery cable, a lug or terminal is needed. Battery cable lugs, also known as battery lugs or cable ends, are a marine application’s main connection point between the battery system and the battery cable. The lugs are offered in various materials, gauge sizes, stud sizes, and even specific battery cable ends for more unique applications. Battery terminals are similar to the battery lugs in that they need to provide a strong connection. Acting as the main electrical contact between the battery source and battery cable, a terminal can withstand marine environments as well as wear and tear over time. Battery terminals have even more options including various materials, polarity, stud size, angle type, and barrel size. Del City provides all these types to be sure your boat or other water application is fully connected.

To finish off your application, Del City also offers battery accessories as the last step. From battery clamps, battery insulators, battery hardware, solder, flux, and battery direct connect; Del City has the whole package.

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