Battery Terminals

Battery terminals are used as the primary electrical contact between your applications battery source and battery cable. Del City offers a large selection of terminals with varying characteristics including material type, polarity, barrel size, cable size, stud size, and angle type. Standard material types such as copper, brass, lead, and copper alloy are found throughout the diverse selection of battery terminals below to provide different advantages depending on the applications requirements. Copper terminals allow for high conductivity and are commonly found in vehicles. The fusion line is an upgraded standard copper terminal that features built-in flux and solder for a quick install process. Pure copper RoHS battery terminals feature the highest quality copper available that is environmentally friendly and lead-free. Brass terminals are ideal for marine applications where the battery terminal needs to resist corrosion and allow for special configurations. A lead material battery terminal is the ideal choice for heavy-electrical applications, while the copper alloy battery terminal options are typically used in light to medium-duty installs. Polarity types across battery terminal options includes positive, negative, or universal; barrel types include solder, wingnut, ordinance bolt, clamp, strap, or split barrel; cable sizes range from 6-4/0 gauge; stud sizes range from 3/8”-5/16”. Finally, a variety of battery terminal angles include straight, angled straight, parallel, left, or right. Straight angle terminals is the most common style for a simple install, parallel terminals allow installation of up to 2 wires, while left and right angle terminals are designed for a better fit in unique spaces. Shop our vast selection of battery terminal options below to find just the right fit for your electrical or vehicle application.

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