Battery Terminals

Battery terminals are the main electrical contact between your battery source and battery cable. A large selection is available from Del City including options in various material types, polarity, barrel size, cable size, stud size, and angle type. The upgraded version of the standard copper terminal, the fusion battery terminal line, contains built-in flux and solder for an easy installation process. Del City’s pure copper RoHS terminals are environmentally friendly while being lead-free for a high quality connection. For marine applications that need high corrosion and special configurations, a brass terminal would be the smartest choice. Lead terminals are best utilized in heavy electrical applications while copper alloy terminals are better suited for medium-duty applications. The choices offered in polarity include positive, negative or universal. Barrel types of terminals include solder, ordinance bolt, wingnut, clamp, strap, or split barrel. Ranging from 6-4/0 gauge in cable size and 3/8”-5/16” in stud size, Del City provides a great range for your specific install. Finally, angle styles include straight, parallel, left, right, or angled. Shop the best selection of battery terminal options below!

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