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Cross-Link SXL Wire

SXL wire is a stranded, bare copper automotive wire manufactured with cross-linked, polyethylene insulation. The SXL cross-link wire features the thickest insulation out of the cross-link wire options offered at Del City. SXL wire withstands prolonged extreme temperatures without melting or fusing. This resistance makes it ideal for engine compartments and other installs with high temperatures. The SXL wire is available in 18-10 gauge spool options in a variety of colors including red, white, dark blue, dark green, black, yellow, brown, gray, purple, orange, pink, tan, light green and light blue. SXL wire meets or exceeds SAE J1126, Ford ESB-M1L85A, and Chrysler MS-8900 specifications. The wire is rated up to 60V DC and 25V AC and withstands temperatures up to 257°F.