A fuse is your first line of defense against a short circuit. Short circuits are especially dangerous in marine applications as the elements can add extra safety concerns. This is why Del City compiled a list of our best fuses to be utilized in marine settings. Fuses are versatile in the fact that you can find a product for every situation. A very common type of fuse is the ATO/ATC fuse. These are easily recognizable and are the most widely used. MIDI, Maxi, and MEGA fuses are circulated depending on the amperage and amount of power being used in your application. Del City is happy to carry our marine rated battery fuses. These are designed with the harshest environments in mind and made to fit into tight space constraints. If you have a marine application and need a battery fuse, this is Del City’s highest recommendation. ZCASE fuses, JCASE FMX, Class T, PAL, ANL Time Delay, and AGC glass fuses are also available. Have an application where you need multiple kinds of fuses? Del City also carries a fuse kit that is great to have on hand. Explore all of our marine fuse options below!

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