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MAXI® Fuses

MAXI® fuses are made with high temperature polymer and silver plated blades. This makes a MAXI® fuse perfect for under hood applications. This fuse is also commonly used to replace fusible wire or fusible links to add protection to wire harness systems or high current segments. The two options for maxi fuses include a standard fuse or an indicator option. An indicator MAXI® fuse can save time and effort to identify a blown circuit. The indicator MAXI® fuses feature a clear top with an LED light. This light switches on when a circuit has been blown. This is very convenient for dark or closed area spaces where it may be difficult to identify when a circuit was blown. Both types of fuse include time delay characteristics, diffusion pill technology, and low heat dissipation. Both MAXI fuses are very reliable. A MAXI® fuse is the largest blade type of fuse available. A MAXI® blade fuse can frequently be found in older vehicles and are used in either domestic or imported vehicles. It is not only used in vehicular applications; it can also be used in general electrical applications when a high amperage circuit is available. This fuse is available from 20 Amp to 80 Amp in both the standard and indicator style. There is a 100 Amp MAXI® fuse option available in the indicator type. Compatible accessories and fuse holders are also available at Del City to make your installation of maxi fuses a breeze. Shop our wide selection of MAXI® fuses today to find the perfect maxi fuse for you!

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