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Fusion Butt Splice

Fusion butt splices provide a consistent and quality connection. They are designed to be ready to use with pre-measured and correctly metered flux and solder within a tin-plated copper connector. Simply clamp the connector into a vise, strip the cable to expose 7/8” of wire, heat the connector, insert the wire, and cool to solidify. This setup makes the fusion splices superiorly strong and reliable and makes them ideal for use in destructive vibration or corrosive environments. Fusion butt splices provide less confusion, faster application, and make for an overall less costly install or repair process.

  • Made with tin-plated, cast copper alloy.
  • Added conductivity strength and corrosion resistance.
  • Superior reliability for years of dependable service.
  • Up to 70% stronger than the standard crimp method.
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91910100 FUSION Copper Lugs - 1/0 Gauge Butt Splice (1 MIN)
15.33 I 13.41 I 10.23
1 EA
91910200 FUSION Copper Lugs - 2/0 Gauge Butt Splice (1 MIN)
15.68 I 13.70 I 10.46
1 EA
91910300 FUSION Copper Lugs - 3/0 Gauge Butt Splice (1 MIN)
17.25 I 15.09 I 11.51
1 EA
91910400 FUSION Copper Lugs - 4/0 Gauge Butt Splice (1 MIN)
20.46 I 17.90 I 13.66
1 EA
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