AutoMeter Phantom Gauges

AutoMeter is a high-technology company that is driven to provide performance enthusiasts with the information and instrumentation they need to win. During their 50+ years, AutoMeter has developed many industry-leading products that have set the standard for accuracy, precision, and durability. AutoMeter gauges are created in their state-of-the-art cellular manufacturing centers with advanced engineering systems and top-of-the-line product technology. AutoMeter continues to be unmatched in the instrumentation marketplace. Del City is proud to carry four (4) unique lines of AutoMeter Gauges. These lines include: Z-Series, Phantom, Ultra-Lite, and Auto Gage. Along with these 4 lines, we also carry gauge accessories, components, and an Ecometer fuel consumption gauge. The Z-Series AutoMeter gauges are distinctly recognizable by their black face, black bezel, white lettering, and orange pointer. This high performance and sleek appearance line contains 13 different gauge types, all of which are perfect for low-key instrumentation. Phantom AutoMeter gauges have a white dial with black powder coated bezel. Phantom gauges are a top performing line that features an orange pointed and clean style, making them easy to read in any condition. Ultra-Lite is among the most popular gauge line from AutoMeter. They feature a matte brushed aluminum dial and bezel. Hence the name, they are made from lightweight materials, but are also made to near bulletproof standards. Ultra-Lite gauges are commonly found in professional racing applications. The Auto Gage line from AutoMeter is the best value gauge category. This line provides levels of accuracy and durability that is not matched at their price point. Auto Gage is the economical solution for your gauge needs. The Ecometer gauge provides an instant and exact reading of your vehicles fuel economy, allowing the driver to monitor and improve driving habits to increase fuel efficiency. Finally, AutoMeter offers a large selection of accessories and components to be the right match to use with your new gauge. No matter your gauge application, Del City’s selection of AutoMeter gauges and accessories has your solution.

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