Marine Grade Wire

With faulty wiring being one of the leading causes of electrical fires on the water, it is incredibly important to be using the proper wire and cable. Del City carries Ancor marine grade wire made specifically for this harsh environment. This wire is tinned, creating extra strength and protection against wear. It also provides a flexible jacket (PVC material) to maneuver to the space you have available. It meets the highest standard to UL1426, BC-5W2, US Coast Guard Charter boat CRF title 46, ABYC, and CSA TEW. This gives it the coveted marine grade status. This tinned wire contains 6.5% more copper than standard wire, making it suitable to withstand a higher temperature range, even when wet. Marine cable is also important to withstand moisture, chemicals, and abrasion. This product is commonly used in refrigerators, electronics, and heaters, but is not limited to these uses. Battery cable and trailer cable are also great for marine uses as they can finish off your electrical jobs, even when the boat is out of the water. In addition to those types of wire, Del City also carries power cord and rip cord for more specific applications. Finish off the installation or repair with wire labels to keep everything organized!

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