Molded Connectors with Loop

The marine industry does not only include boats and other water vehicles. It is incredibly important to be sure the trailer that transports these vessels is durable and safe. This is why Del City offers a wide variety of trailer connectors. Depending on the size of your marine vessel and the size of your trailer, there are multiple trailer connection options. Del City offers small trailer connectors, single pole trailer connectors, 4-way trailer connectors, 6-way trailer connectors, and 7-way trailer connectors. These fit a variety of trailer types to be sure you have the connection tool you need. For trailer wiring, molded connector loops are offered. These are made of copper wires with bullet terminals on each end. These can also be utilized in other marine applications where primary wire is required. Depending on your needed loop length, molded connectors are easily customizable for your application. Molded connectors without a loop are also available. To save time and money, an EZ trailer connector may be your best bet. It is waterproof and ensures your connection so that lights and brakes work every time. The first of its kind, EZ trailer connectors greatly improve reliability while being easily applicable to many different types of trailers. Trailer plug adapters, brake controllers, and trailer accessories are also included in the variety of marine applicable trailer connectors. Trailer accessories include light converters, USB sockets, protective covers and boots, and more.

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