Wire Clamps & Clips

Wire clamps are designed to protect and hold wire, cable, and hose runs in your electrical application. These metal cable clamps all feature strong metal materials for resistance to everyday wear, while providing a highly durable and reliable hold. Wire clamps are the ideal choice for applications in harsh environments or where high vibration is common. Del City's cable clamp selection includes zinc-plated, stainless steel, vinyl-coated, aluminum, and carbon steel clamps.

Stainless steel, plated steel, and aluminum metal clamps are standard clamps used in general wire fastening applications. Each clamp contains a removable EPDM jacket. The vinyl-coated clamps contain a molded vinyl-coating to further assist in protecting from high vibrations. Finally, the carbon steel clamps are designed to be susceptible to less fatigue than standard metal cable clamps to withstand even harsher environments. A variety of cable clips are also available and are ideal for fastening smaller sized bundles. Keep your application, project, or space organized and protected with wire clamps and clips from Del City.

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