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Cable Ties & Wire Fasteners

Secure your electrical wire and cables under the hood with clamps, cord clips, wire fasteners and more. Designed to provide a secure grip under high temperatures, these professional grade cable ties, clamps and cord clips provide quality needed for the job. Receive up to 50% more tensile strength and 15% larger bundle diameters than competitive cable ties. With each available offering below there comes an array of characteristic differences that provide different benefits and abilities for your different bundling and fastening needs. For zip ties, the various characteristics include color, fastening type and tie material, such as plastic zip ties and metal zip ties. For mounting bases, characteristics include color, mounting base size, and mounting types, such as self-adhesive, screw mount, and push mount. The different characteristics that cord clips carry, include size, color, clip material, and clip shape. Cable tie tools are also available to assist with easy tensioning and tie cut off. Our high quality cable ties, clips and fasteners are available in bulk quantities, saving you time and money. Shop our variety including heavy-duty, grip strip, beadle wrap, precision lock and stainless steel wire ties - all stocked and ready to fit your application needs.