Standard Nylon Cable Ties - UV Black

Cater to any bundling job with reliable nylon cable ties. These plastic zip ties provide up to 50% more tensile strength and 15% larger bundle diameters than competitive plastic zip ties. Designed to deliver a secure grip while requiring minimal effort to close, nylon cable ties provide additional strength and ease of use for any job type. Available in two color selections, either black zip ties or natural zip ties. Both black and natural plastic zip ties in varying sizing options from 4" to 14", as well as bags of assorted lengths. Keep your bundles secure and organized with our standard nylon cable ties.

  • Designed to provide up to 50% more tensile strength and 15% larger bundle diameters.
  • Raised ridges on the plastic zip ties and bent tips provide a secure grip with minimal effort to close.
  • One-piece, injection-molded construction eliminates failure due to parts working loose or breaking off.
  • Recognized under UL file # E125869.
  • Meets UL94V-2 Flammability Classification.
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962303 Cable Tie, 4", 18lb, UV Black (100 MIN)
0.02290 I 0.01980 I 0.01
100 EA
962703 Cable Tie, 6", 45lb, UV Black (100 MIN)
0.03150 I 0.02840 I 0.02120
100 EA
962903 Cable Tie, 8", 75lb, UV Black (100 MIN)
0.04230 I 0.03770 I 0.02160
100 EA
963103 Cable Tie, 11", 75lb, UV Black (100 MIN)
0.08600 I 0.07300 I 0.04440
100 EA
963303 Cable Tie, 14", 75lb, UV Black (100 MIN)
0.10860 I 0.10100 I 0.05670
100 EA