Cable Clamps & Clips

Cable clamps, cable holders, and clips are designed for bundling and fastening cable, harnesses, or wire together. Installation of your cable clamp or cable holder is simple as they can be mounted directly to a chassis, panel, or work surface to create a stationary bundle. The full line of cable clamps and clips offered below have varying characteristics to provide benefits depending on your application or projects demands. These characteristics include cable clamp and clip material, mounting style, and bundle size. The adhesive cable clamp line is made from a durable nylon material and is designed to provide mounting with minimal effort while maintaining a long lasting solution. The nylon cable clamp selection is a lightweight and resilient option and their material protects against most chemicals. Our steel body cable clamp options are made from spring steel with a tongue lip that provides a secure bundle next to the mounting surface. Nylon U-clamps are resistant to aging and most chemicals and provide a direct bundle mount to the desired surface. Exterior EZ-cable clips are ideal for hanging and securing low=voltage cables for a tight and locked fit. Along with our standard cable clamp selection, the cable wraptor is also available to provide a bundling solution that also allows you to carry and move your cables comfortable and easily. The bundle sizes, or wire capacity, of our standard cable clamps and clips range from 1/8 inch to 1-1/2 inch, while the wraptor cable holder can handle up to 4 inches. No matter what type or size cable holder you need, each of the cable clamp and cable clip options below provide an easy solution when needing to secure and organize your cables and wire.

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