ISSPRO EV2 Pyrometer Gauges

ISSPRO EV² gauges are a competitively priced alternative to other premium product lines that delivers a better value than other price lines. The ISSPRO EV² gauges are specifically popular for diesel applications, as the brand is the OEM supplier to many diesel vehicle manufacturers. This is due to the dependability of ISSPRO’s panel equipment and because these gauges are specifically designed to be OEM matches for popular vehicle models, including matches on lighting colors, fonts, and pointer styles. Below is a full line of EV² gauges and accessories that are compatible with 12 or 24 volt applications alike. Each gauge has microprocessor controlled stepper motor movements, features LED backlighting that can be adjusted by vehicle dimmer control, have a 270˚ sweep, and frontally sealed for harsh environments. The full line of accessories listed below are exact matches for each gauge.

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