Covered Toggle Switch Kit

The covered toggle switch kit provides all of the components needed to assemble a toggle switch and toggle switch cover. The kit includes an on-off SPST heavy-duty toggle switch, locating ring, and a traditional red toggle switch cover. The screw terminal SPST heavy-duty toggle switch is great for electrical connections that require a high amp switch and the safety toggle switch cover adds extra protection against accidental actuation and excessive damage. The red safety toggle switch cover allows the switch to be turned to the "On" position when the cover is opened and to the "Off" position when the cover is closed. Get the switch and cover you need for your project or install with this all-in-one covered toggle switch kit.

  • All-in-one kit includes 73185 toggle switch and 73200 safety toggle switch cover.
  • On-Off toggle switch with screw terminals.
  • Red safety toggle switch cover prevents the switch from accidentally being turned On.
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73210 Toggle Switch and Red Safety Cover Kit (1 MIN)
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