Fuse Kits

Del City offers a variety of fuse kits that ensure you have just the right combination of fuses that you need on hand. The fuse kits offered below come in a variety of fuse types, styles, and sizes to meet the circuit protect demands of your application. ATO, MINI, MICRO2, MCASE, JCASE, Low Profile JCASE and indicator fuse kits are available along with combination kits that include a variety of fuse types. The fuse kits range from 70 piece to 203 piece options with a selection of fuses and fuse holders included in the components. Each kit comes in a case to keep your fuses organized. Fuse kits are an ideal addition to any shop for circuit protection in automotive, marine, industrial, and other general electrical applications. Stock up your shop with an assortment of fuses with one of Del City's high quality fuse kit selections.