Cross-Link Wire

Cross-Link Wire is the ideal wire choice for engine compartments and other high temperature environments. Del City's Cross-Link Wire is manufactured with a chemically cross-linked, polyethylene insulation providing extra protection in extreme environments. The high temperature rating of this insulation ensures the bare copper stranding stays insulated from high temperature and corrosive environments. The high temperature Cross-Link Wire is available in three insulation sizes: SXL, GXL, and TXL. The SXL wire has the thickest insulation to withstand prolonged extreme temperatures. The GXL wire has a medium-thickness insulation to resist fusing and melting. Finally, the TXL wire has the thinnest insulation to provide minimal diameter and weight to the wire. Whether you need the highest level of temperature protection from your wire, or you need temperature protection while being cautious of space, the Cross-Link Wire selections from Del City will fulfill the needs of your project or install. The SXL wire is available in 18-10 gauge options in a variety of spool sizes, while the GXL wire is available in 20-8 gauge options. Finally, the TXL wire is available in 22-8 gauge options. Each of the cross-link wire options are available in a variety of bright colors. Cross-Link Wire withstands prolonged temperatures up to 125°C (257°F) without melting or fusing and operates optimally between the extreme temperatures of -40°C to 125°C (-40°F to 257°F).

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