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ISSPRO Tachometer

ISSPRO, Inc.'s Tachometer measures the RPM of an engine's crankshaft rotation. Tachometers monitor an engine's normal performance to help prevent damage. This Tachometer is designed to accept signals from pulse generators, magnetic senders or alternator taps. For 24 VDC NG applications, a 24 VDC bulb must be purchased separately.

  • Black face, white pointer, black bezel, white lettering.
  • Perimeter lighting, kit included.
  • “M” designates microprocessor.
  • Click here for ISSPRO Catalog.
  • 0-3000 RPM with Hourmeter counter.
  • Mounting bracket kit included.
  • Full 270° sweep.
  • Gauge Size: 3-3/8".
  • ISSPRO Part R85305M.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Hourmeters count only when a signal is present (engine running).
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4085225 ISSPRO R85305M, Tachometer, 3-3/8", Alternator 4K w/Hours (1 MIN) 230.27 1 EA
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