Electrical connector kits and other electrical component kits are a great way to ensure you have a consistent inventory of the products needed on an everyday basis. Terminal connection, electrical, and circuit protection projects can be completed simply and efficiently by having the necessary electrical connector kits and wire connector kits on hand. Wire terminal kits offer a variety of terminals including: vinyl-insulated, heat shrink & crimp, butt connectors, ring terminals, push-on terminals, and more. Heat shrink kits offer several types of heat shrink tubing to provide secure wired connections and excellent protection. Weather Pack wire connector kits are ideal for automobiles and contain terminals, seals, and plugs to create weather-resistant connections. You can protect any circuit with Del City's large variety of fuse kits including: mini fuses, ATC fuses, ATO fuses, MCASE fuses and more. Battery repair kits are ideal for creating and repairing battery terminal connections on any automotive, truck, marine and industrial vehicle application. Electrical connector kits can provide the repair solution to a variety of automotive and marine electrical problems. From terminals to fuses, shrink tube to connectors, Del City offers a wide variety electrical connector kits in many size options and prices to suit your needs and budget. Search our wide selection of kits below to find the best kit to suit your needs.

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