LED Flexible Light Strips & Accessories

LED flexible light strips are available from Del City in multiple styles, kits, and accessory options for your unique and custom setup. The flexible light strips are designed for the interior of your car, below your bar, in your kitchen, or wherever you want to add a pop of light and color. Two (2) kits are available with 16 different colors and four lighting options, both controlled by a wireless remote. A smart phone controller is also available for unlimited lighting options. LED flexible strips are also featured as single extension strips ranging from 3 feet to 15 feet to extend your light setup even further. Flexible extension cables and accessories allow the LED flexible light strips to be used in sharp corners and along the entire length of your setup. All of the extension accessories connector directly to the flexible light strips featured in our LED flexible light strip kits. Customize your vehicle, workshop, or any other area of your home with LED flexible light strips.

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