LED Load Resistors

Del City offers a variety of lighting accessories to ensure your electrical setup is complete and your lights stay bright. From LED load resistors, to diodes and indicator lights, keep your applications running and illuminated. LED load resistors assist in upgrading from incandescent turn signal to LED model for a more cost-efficient lighting setup. Pigtails, sockets, and adapters help you connect lights and lamps to trailers or other motorized vehicles and accessories. While headlight connectors are specifically designed to be used with headlight bulbs and connections. Indicator lights are extremely useful in automotive, marine, and industrial panels. Easy to install and available in a variety of colors and illumination options. Diodes were designed to help protect electronic circuits against issues such as over-voltage threats. Keep your lights, relays, and other circuits protected with a 1, 3, or 6 amp diode. Finally, silicone adhesive and sealant is the accessory you need on hand when installing lighting and other electrical setups. It seals, bonds, waterproofs, and insulates your install for a long-lasting and protected setup.

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