Loom & Sleeving

Loom & sleeving are some of the most important tools when it comes to marine applications. With the harsh terrains, rust, water, salt, and shock threats imminent, loom and sleeving is crucial to protecting your application. Loom not only protects, but also helps to keep everything organized. This is especially helpful in marine environments where space may be limited. Del City offers a wide variety of loom and sleeving to be sure your application is at a decreased risk for wear and destruction from the elements. Split loom is one of the versatile options that Del City offers. It is available in a variety of colors, UV ratings, flame resistance, and more. This is also great for marine applications as it is slotted, allowing for easy insertion of wires or cable. Expandable, braided, and woven sleeving are also great for marine applications as they provide varying levels of protection for your exact need. Certain varieties of these sleeving types are able to be cut with scissors, making them easy to handle and maneuver if necessary. For a super tight seal, Del City also offers heat shrink fabric loom. Need something even more unique? Check out our metal sleeving, fiberglass high-temperature loom, and Flexo Silica sleeving. Secure and finish off your loom or sleeving application with loom clamps, routing clips, wire loom tees, and loom insertion tools.

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