Loom Insertion Tool

A wire loom tool is designed to be used for inserting wire into split loom. Essentially, it supplies a better, easier way to feed a bundle of wires or a wire harness into corrugated split tubing. The split loom tool easily feeds wires, cables, and cords into corrugated split wire tubing without damaging fingers or the tube. When using, simply twist the white portion so that the cut-out on the tool matches the orange portion cut-out. Insert wires into the wire loom tool, twist to lock wires in place and slide along of the whole run of the split tubing to achieve a stress-free installation.

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909900 Loom Insertion Tool 1/4"-7/16" (1 MIN) 15.57 1 EA
909905 Loom Insertion Tool 1/2"-5/8" (1 MIN) 17.98 1 EA
909910 Loom Insertion Tool 3/4"-7/8" (1 MIN) 18.91 1 EA
909915 Loom Insertion Tool 1"-1-1/4" (1 MIN) 27.93 1 EA
909920 Loom Insertion Tool Kit, 4 Pieces, 1/4" to 1-1/4" (1 MIN) 43.02 1 EA
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