Rocker Switches

Switches are found on just about every marine vehicle in the industry. These switches need to be reliable as they serve a variety of functions that are crucial to making sure all aspects of the boat are working properly. In addition to having multiple switches on each boat, the switches need to be durable and long lasting. Del City carries switch types such as rocker, toggle, push button, battery, ignition, rotary, and slide switches. The switches can be used for something as simple as a USB port to something as complicated as the main battery. Even within each switch category, Del City carries a variety of sizes, reset options, material type, and strengths for your specific application. Sealed switches are great for marine as they have the extra protection to keep moisture away from the electrical work. Push button switches are often used on the dashboard of a boat and are available in different illumination options for easy detection, even at night. Battery and ignition switches need extra strength as they perform such important jobs. Del City provides multiple variations of these switches to be sure your boat has the perfect match. With this variety of marine switches, you’ll be sure to find the proper product for your marine application.

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