Carling Contura Rotary Switches - V-Series

The V-Series Contura Rotary Switch line from Carling was designed for maximum performance and reliability. Contura rotary switches feature the widely popular V-Series Carling Contura Rocker Switches. These rotary switches are available in maintained and momentary circuit options with a sturdy knob construction. The knob contains up to two separate LEDs and the switch fits into an industry standard panel opening. Internally, the Contura rotary switches use a patented mechanism that translates rotary to linear motion. This allows for common switch functionality and terminal connections with the V-Series rocker switches without a harness change. A secondary driver provides definitely detent positions and prevents the rotary switch from stopping between positions, while improving the tactile feel. The V-Series Rotary also features an innovative PC board that supports the LED and surface mount resistors. The rotary switches are also rated to standards IP67 sealing protection. Use Carling terminal connector blocks to complete your installation.

  • Dielectric Strength: 1500 Volts RMS
  • Insulation Resistance: 50 Megohms
  • Terminals: .250" Quick Connect
  • Mechanical Life: 100,000 Cycles Maintained Circuits; 50,000 Cycles Momentary Circuits
  • Mounting: Front Panel Snap-In: 1.450" x 0.83". Panel Thickness: 0.030" - 0.187"
  • Materials: Base (Polyester, PBT), Bracket (Nylon 66, PA), Knob (Polybutylene Terephthalate, PBT), Lens (Polycarbonate, PC), Connector (Nylon 66, PA)
  • Flammability: Exceeds FVMSS 302 Requirements, Exterior Components, UL 94 V-2 or Better Interior Components, UL 94 HB or Better
  • Typical Applications: On/Off Highway Equipment, Marine, Test & Measurement, Instrumentation, Speed Control.
  • Ingress Rating: IP67; ( ) indicates momentary action
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20001100 DPST, ON-NONE-OFF, with Dependent 12V Red LED, 1 Light, Carling Rotary (RV21D2BC00B-K4C) (1 MIN)
23.21 I 20.07 I 17.33
1 EA
20001101 DPST, ON-NONE-OFF, Non-Lit, Carling Rotary (RV21D2S000B-KZC) (1 MIN)
15.88 I 13.47 I 11.55
1 EA
20001102 DPST, (ON)-NONE-OFF, with Independent 12V Red LEDs, 2 Lights, Carling Rotary (RV22D2CC0CB-K4C) (1 MIN) (LIMITED QUANTITY) Sale Price: 12.79
26.76 I 22.93 I 19.80
1 EA
20001103 DPDT, ON-NONE-ON, with Independent 12V Red/12V Green LEDs, 2 Lights, Carling Rotary (RV24D2CH0CC-K4C) (1 MIN)
29.32 I 25.22 I 21.84
1 EA
20001104 DPDT, ON-NONE-ON, Non-Lit, Carling Rotary (RV24D2S000B-KZC) (1 MIN)
17.09 I 14.62 I 12.60
1 EA
20001105 DPDT, ON-OFF-ON, with Dependent 12V Red LEDs, 2 Lights, Carling Rotary (RV26D2DC0CB-K4C) (1 MIN)
28.10 I 24.36 I 20.48
1 EA
20001106 DPDT, ON-OFF-ON, Non-Lit, Carling Rotary (RV26D1S000C-KZC) (1 MIN)
18.92 I 16.05 I 13.65
1 EA
20001107 DPDT, (ON)-OFF-(ON), Non-Lit, Carling Rotary (RV28D2S000B-KZC) (1 MIN)
18.92 I 16.05 I 13.65
1 EA
20001108 DPDT, (ON)-OFF-(ON), with Independent 12V Red LEDs, 2 Lights, Carling Rotary (RV28D2CC0CB-K4C) (1 MIN)
30.23 I 25.51 I 22.05
1 EA
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