Ignition Switches

Ignition switches are commonly located in the steering column or in the dashboard of a vehicle. An ignition switch takes power from the battery and directs it to all of the electrical components and accessories in the vehicle. These switches also transfer power to the started when the ignition key is turned on. The three switches offered below make for great replacement ignition switches. You can tell when an ingniton switch is faulty by a variety of car issues such as the vehicle stalling, all of the lights going dark, or the vehicle doesn’t operate until the key is wiggled from side to side. Faulty switches need to be replaced to restore the vehicle to proper working condition. The switches below also make for great boat ignition switch options. Any of the switches can be used in your marine vehicle, but the sealed keyed switches are considered the best choice for your boat ignition switch needs. The materials used to make the switches ideal installation or replacement boat ignition switch selections depending on the needs of your marine vehicle.

The ignition switches offered by Del City are available in three different configurations: 4 position, 3 position, and 2 position. Each ignition switch is made from plated steel or plastic, providing longevity and reliability for any vehicle application including automotive, transportation, and marine. Each ignition switch includes two keys. The sealed keyed model features an integral sealed Deutsch connector (DT06-6S) or AT connector (14066100). Sealed areas of the ignition switch feature O-rings and ultrasonic welding. Spring return and anti-restart features are available on some of these models as well. These ignition switches are sealed to IP67 ratings and are tested to J259 rating. Find the install ignition switch or ignition switch replacement you need today for your automotive or transportation vehicle with any of the offerings below.

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