LED Round Flood Lights

Shop our newly expanded selection of Maxxima products to find the ideal light for your application. Del City is proud to be a supplier of Maxxima lighting including: LED flood lights, LED auxiliary micro strobe lights, LED miniauxiliary lights, mini clearance marker lights, and stop, tail, turn lights. LED flood lights offer the latest technology and bright lights for your application, with heavy duty aluminum housing and a low profile design for a thin, sleek look, and a wide flood beam pattern. LED auxiliary micro strobes and mini lights are perfect for emergy, warning, and safety applications that come in a variety of different colors. Our mini combination marker clearance lights are designed to fit into the smallest places and can be used as indicator for any vehicle application, including small trailers. Finally, our dual voltage stop, tail and turn lights are specifically designed for fleet and OEM applications, such as semis, trailers and utility vehicles. These dual voltage lights are SAE rated and can be utilized in either 12V or 24V DC circuit applications. Find just the right Maxxima lighting product today at Del City!

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