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Multi Frequency Back-Up Alarms - Under 100dB(A)

The multi-frequency back-up alarm eliminates noise pollution created by back-up alarms in densely populated work areas. It maintains a safe warning signal for those in a danger zone of backing vehicle while minimizing disturbance to site neighbors.

  • Multi-frequency alarm operates by emitting sound at multiple frequencies attenuated above 4000Hz so that the sound is perceived to dissipate more quickly than a conventional pure-tone alarm.
  • Universal mounting bracket maximizes location options.
  • Lead wire.
  • Sealed in epoxy for protection against dust, moisture and vibration.
  • Temperature Range: -40°F to +185°F (-40°C to +85°C).
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty for ECCOEC5050 & ECCOEC5200
  • Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty on all other models.
UNDER 100 DB(A) OVER 100 DB(A)
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ECCOEC5050 Multi Frequency Back-up Alarm 87dB(A), 12-24V (1 MIN) 52.26 1 EA
ECCOEA6100 Multi-Frequency Back-Up Alarm 97 dB(A), 12-24V (1 MIN) 99.19 1 EA
ECCOEA6110 Multi-Frequency Back-Up Alarm 92 dB(A), 12-24V (1 MIN) 120.81 1 EA
ECCOEC5200 Multi Frequency Back-up Alarm 97dB(A) 12-24V (1 MIN) 69.48 1 EA
ECCOEA9724 Smart Alarm, Multi-Frequency Back-Up Alarm 77-97 dB(A), 12-24V (1 MIN) 130.00 1 EA
ECCOEA9780 Smart Alarm, Multi-Frequency Back-Up Alarm 77-97 dB(A), 36-80V (1 MIN) 137.00 1 EA