Wire Terminal Kits & Jars

Keep your stock full and electrical needs met with a wire terminal kit from Del City. The components of each wire connector kit was designed to meet the needs of most automotive, general electric, and 12 volt wiring projects. The selections of kits available come in a variety of sizes from large boxes with over 400 pieces to grab-n-go jars with 75+ pieces. The wire terminal kit selections offered below feature a variety of terminal types including vinyl-insulated, heat shrink, multi-wire, clear-view, and lead-free terminals. Some of the kits also include the associating crimp tool to help you get the job done. The terminals in the kits include standard terminal types such as ring terminals, butt connectors, spade terminals, and push-on terminals. Specialty wire terminal kit options are also available and include specialty connectors such as multi-wire, closed end, lead-free, and complimenting shrink tube. Kits range from 28 pieces up to 468 pieces. Find just the right terminal selection you need for your shop with a high-quality wire connector kit.

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