Amphenol A Series Connectors (DEUTSCH Compatible)

Del City offers a full selection of Amphenol A Series to serve a wide range of applications and industries. All of the A Series connector lines are compatible with DEUTSCH connectors and offer a high-performance, cost-effective solution that is every bit as reliable as the competition. The first series in the line of compatible DEUTSCH connectors is the AT Series. These connectors provide a durable connection with UV resistance protection. The ATM Series is the second line of wire connectors and is a standard connection solution for smaller gauge wire applications. The ATM series maintains the strength and quality found in the standard DEUTSCH connector compatible AT line. The ATP Series of wire connectors are designed for use on marine, heavy equipment, and other high demanding applications. ATP connectors contain superior environmental seals and retention capabilities allowing it to withstand in harsh and demanding environments. The final line of compatible DEUTSCH connectors is the AHD Series. The AHD Series provides an economic alternative to today’s standard diagnostic product options and will work in either controlled or uncontrolled environments. With four cost-effective and high reliable wire connector series option available, finding a solution that meets your needs and is compatible with current DEUTSCH connectors is easy. Shop today and get your connections up and running in no time. To view our informational AT Series video, click here.

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