Wire Caps & Wire Connectors

Wire caps and connectors can be used on most any commercial or residential wire application. Del City offers a variety of professional grade wire caps and connectors that provide a high-quality performance with application versatility. Standard wire caps are made to have a tough, outer shell with a wire spring inside for a quick and secure connection. The winged wire caps are similar to your standard wire connector, except the shell features winged tabs and a knurled surface to provide a better grip. Available in four (4) different styles, winged caps provide the secure connection you need for your application. 3M Scotchlok 2 wire connectors are designed to allow for greater wire capacity. Each Scotchlok 2 wire connector can replace two standard wing wire caps. They feature flexible skirts to provide protection and easy bend depending on space. Push-In wire connectors are a multi-port connector designed for panels and lighting fixtures that need an easy and fast connection. Simply insert a stripped wire into each port, push-in, and you're all connected. All of our wire connectors and wire caps are color coded for quick and easy identification. Finally, Del City also offers crimp wire connectors for a strong, permanent connection that is vibration-resistant. Get your project or application properly and securely connected with one of the wire caps and wire connectors listed below.

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