Weather Pack Connectors & Components

Weather Pack Connectors are designed to be compatible with many vehicles on the road today. This includes automobiles that are part of big brands such as Ford and GM. Weather Pack Connectors are high performing environment wire connectors that are manufactured by Delphi/Packard. Weather Pack connectors are great for engine compartments because of their high performance and environmental design. The Weather Pack system can also be used in custom wire harnesses. Other common applications include automotive, marine, fleet, agricultural, and non-vehicle electrical applications. To complete the Weatherpack system, you need housings, terminals, and seals. Del City carries all of these components for a complete and reliable system. Male and female housings are offered for Weather Pack. Depending on your specific application, 1-way, 2-way, 3-way, 4-way, and 6-way selections are available. The matching terminals, cable seals, and plugs are offered for a premium connection. For installation and replacement of the Weatherpack connector system, Del City also offers crimp tools and removal tools for your convenience.

For easy assembly, pigtail versions of Weather Pack Connector housings are available. This decreases installation time by not requiring each individual part to be assembled. To assemble, splice the pigtail directly on the existing wire application. The wire crimping is already done for you with this tool. The bulkhead 22-way connector system is a larger scale application, but is held to the same standard as the Weather Pack connector system. It is both reliable and durable to provide a superior connection. The 22-way system is weather-proof and is great for harsh weather environments. Lastly, Weather Pack Connector kits are available to be sure that you always have the proper products on hand. The kit includes all components necessary for a complete Weatherpack connection to keep in your inventory for an ongoing project. For your automotive, fleet, or electrical project, shop Del City’s variety of Weather Pack Connectors for a strong and secure connection.

For a quality crimp, check out our Rennsteig hand tools for Weather Pack Connectors.

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