Anderson Connectors, Battery Lugs, & Battery Terminals

Create a reliable and long lasting battery connection with high quality battery supplies from Del City. Our wide selection of professional grade SB® and Powerpole® Series from Anderson Connectors, lugs, and battery terminals all work to create a reliable connection. The SB® Series from Anderson Connectors provides a high power connection for hard to reach batteries. While the Powerpole® line provides a consistent, low-resistance connection that is interchangeable, genderless, and allows for custom configurations. Battery cable ends, also known as battery lugs, provide a secure connection between the battery cable and battery system. The battery cable lugs are offered in a range of body materials, performance specs, gauge sizes, and stud sizes. Battery terminals are a primary electrical contact between your battery source and battery cable. A large assortment of battery terminals are available, with a variety of characteristics to select from including material type, polarity, barrel size, cable size, stud size, and angle type. For projects and applications big or small, shop Del City for all your battery supply needs.

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