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Wire Loom Tees

Wire loom tees are connectors that allow safe branching of wires with a simple snap. Simply connect the wire loom fitting to three pieces of wire loom to create a secure and dependable wire branch. A wire loom tee is commonly used for building wire harnesses and can be used in various applications, such as automotive, marine and industrial.

  • Use slit loom accessories to aid in routing wires
  • Allows a user to branch a portion of wires or to secure a section of wires to a stationary object
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2019 Wire Loom Tee, .413"/.500" (10 MIN)
0.70010 I 0.61910 I 0.56570
10 EA
2025DL Wire Loom Tee, .750/.500/.750 (10 MIN)
1.08 I 0.90980 I 0.77360
10 EA
2027 Wire Loom Tee, .350/.350/.413 (10 MIN)
0.63080 I 0.49510 I 0.44460
10 EA