Standard Woven Wire Loom

Woven wire loom is the perfect solution for hose & cable protection. Del City carries a large selection of woven wire loom options from your standard woven sleeving to flame retardant and reusable. The standard loom is a flexible mesh woven wire loom that self-closes around your cables, wire, or cords. It contains an extra overlap to provide complete protection to the wires. The woven braiding has superior elastic flexibility to bend to a tight radius without distorting or splitting open. The standard loom is also available in a flame retardant option that contains self-extinguishing properties. He heavy-duty version of our woven wire sleeving is created with a tightly woven nylon material that protects your wire runs from weather, sunlight, and abrasion. When installed over uncoated cables or chains, the heavy duty woven sleeving will prevent scraping and contact damage. The heavy duty sleeving is also available in thick wall, hook & loop, and reusable versions to meet the demands of your application. Shop our selection of woven wire loom to find just the right tool to keep your electrical runs protected, organized, and in place within your project or application.

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