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Push-In Wire Connectors

Push-in wire connectors are an easy-to-use, fast acting, multi-port connector. Push-in wire connectors are designed to be used within panels or lighting fixtures. The connectors accept solid copper wires and connect simply by inserting a stripped wire into each port. The four (4) different push-in wire connectors offered below are made with a clear polycarbonate housing that features color-coded side panels for easy and quick verification. Stainless steel springs within the connectors resist corrosion and restrict accidental wire pull-out. To pull wires out of your push-in connector, just twist the wires from left to right. Get yourself an easy and fast copper to copper connection, with one of our push-in wire connectors.

  • Simply strip wire and push into the connector for installation.
  • Twist left to right for easy wire removal.
  • Color-coded housings: Red = 2-Port, Orange = 3-Port, Yellow = 4-Port, Black = 8-Port.
  • Rated to 24 Amps at 600V max in bundling wire and 1,000V AC in lighting fixtures.
  • Copper to copper connections only.
  • Accepts solid copper wires from 22-12 AWG.
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907010 2-way Push In Connector (100 MIN)
0.18310 I 0.15020 I 0.12660
100 EA
907020 3-way Push In Connector (100 MIN)
0.20020 I 0.16770 I 0.13650
100 EA
907030 4-way Push In Connector (100 MIN)
0.22850 I 0.21 I 0.17060
100 EA
907040 8-way Push In Connector (50 MIN)
0.29340 I 0.25270 I 0.22400
50 EA