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Battery Connectors, Cable & Accessories

Battery connectors, battery cable assemblies and basic battery tools are all necessities that are needed when creating an electrical connection from a vehicle or application to a 12 volt battery. Investing in quality supplies and accessories for battery applications ensure a healthy and reliable battery life. The full line of battery connectors, cable and tools below are the most common items used in 12 volt vehicles and applications, including automotive, forklifts, marine vehicles and specialty equipment. Battery connectors range from lugs, terminals, link connectors, clips and booster clamps. Cable is available pre-assembled or in spools. Battery connection cleaning supplies are also available for maintaining dependable connectivity by removing corrosion and creating a resistance shield against harmful elements. All of these items will ensure your application has a longer, dependable battery life. Kits are also available ensuring you have a continual and plentiful inventory for your fleet and projects.