Battery Booster Packs & Booster Cables

Del City carries all the products you need to be prepared for a dead battery situation. The new LiFePO4 Portable Power Packs use Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, the safest Lithium Ion batteries on the market. Despite their small size, they pack enough power to jump start your vehicle or charge your small electronics. Unlike other power packs on the market, the LiFePO4 Power Packs also have the battery and alternator testing capability. The Rescue 1060 jump starts your vehicle with ease, and also features a built-in inverter, an air compressor, and a work light. It's perfect for RVs, boats, and even as back-up power during home emergencies. The iStart battery jump pack has a small, lightweight design that easily fits into small storage areas. It features 22 inch booster cables for hard to reach batteries. In addition to jump starting solutions, Del City also offers quality standard and heavy-duty battery booster cables that provide dependability when it really matters. We have a solution for any automotive vehicle no matter what climate you are in. Prepare your fleet in case of a battery inconvenience on the road with power packs and heavy-duty jumper cables, in stock right here at Del City.

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