Battery Clamps, Jumper Cable Clamps & Insulators

Jumper cable clamps, battery clamps, and battery clips are all available at Del City. Meant to keep your application connected and running, battery clamps can be a vital asset. Protective covers and insulators are available in order to extend the clamp’s life. From alligator clamps to a premium battery clamp, the perfect accessory is available to boost your battery.

Standard jumper cable clamps are zinc plated as well as equipped with PE coated hands. Premium jumper cable clamps feature an easy-reach design. This design allows you to quickly attach the cable clamps to your battery posts. For a smaller or low amperage connection, an alligator clip would be the best option. For a damaged clamp on battery chargers or battery testers, a pigmy clip would come in handy. Specifically for testing equipment on electrical applications, battery test clips are the best. In addition, Del City offers battery insulators. These protect your terminals, clips, and battery clamps from damage. With these jumper cable clamps, clips, and protective covers, your battery application is sure to stay reliable and strong!

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