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Battery Terminals

Battery terminals are the starting point for all types of battery installs. They are the main electrical contacts between the battery and the battery cable. Battery terminals are used most frequently with a top post battery. A top post battery has two lead posts in the shape of truncated cones positioned on the top of the battery. Del City's battery terminal selection contains a wide variety of terminals with varying characteristics to provide different benefits depending on your applications demands. Some of these characteristics include material type, polarity, barrel size, cable size, stud size, and angle type. For battery terminal material type, we offer the most common materials such as copper, brass, lead, and copper alloy. These materials come with different advantages that may be specific to or desired for an applications needs. The copper battery terminals allow for higher conductivity and are standardly used as car battery terminals, as well as being ideal for motorcycles, RVs, and other vehicles. The fusion battery terminal line is an upgraded version of the standard copper line because of the built in flux and solder which provides a faster, less confusing installation process while maintaining a high quality connection. The fusion strength of the battery terminal is typically twice that of a crimp or compression connector. The pure copper RoHS battery terminal line is the first environmentally friendly battery terminal on the market with the highest quality copper available, while also completely lead-free. A brass battery terminal is ideal for marine applications as they are low corrosive and allow for special configuration. While a lead battery terminal is best used on applications with heavy electrical demands. Finally, copper alloy line includes lead-free OEM terminals typically used as car battery terminals and zinc-plated terminals for light to medium duty uses. The anti-rotational flag battery terminal line is manufactured from 100% copper alloy and come in an in-line design that allows for installation of up to 2 cables. Polarity types within the different battery terminals our selection includes positive, negative, or universal and are based on application demands. Battery terminal barrel types vary between solder, wingnut, ordinance bolt, clamp, strap, or split barrel; cable sizes range from 6 gauge to 4/0 gauge, and stud sizes range from 3/8''-5/16''. Lastly, a variety of battery terminal angles are available including straight, parallel, left, or right. Straight angle is the most common battery terminal style, and a parallel style will allow installation of up to 2 wire/cables. Left and right angle terminals are ideal for any shortened cable lengths or for unique spaces where straight terminals are unable to fit. The abundance of unique characteristics available in the battery terminal lines below ensures that the demands and needs of various electrical and vehicle applications are met to the highest quality.