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Del City's selection of professional grade wire terminals, also referred to as electrical terminals or terminal connectors, is one of the largest assortments available in the industry. Wire terminals are used to connect or terminate wire and cable in vehicles and other electrical applications that utilize wire to transfer an electrical current. The wire terminals listed below are organized into groups based on the type of electrical terminal. Butt connectors are used for single wire or multiple wire connections and are essentially parallel terminal connectors designed to mate two wires together. Push-On wire terminals have a blade type connection that mates female and male terminals with each other to connect or disconnect the wiring. Ring terminals provide a single wire connection while allowing the electrical terminal to connect to a screw or stud. Spade terminal connectors also provide a connection or termination for a single wire while allowing a connection to a screw or stud. Bullet terminal connectors give a secure and reliable connection by mating a female and male electrical terminal to connect or terminate the wiring. Pin wire terminals offer a quick and easy connection in applications with wire contact made by set screws or clamps. Along with these main terminal connectors, we also offer a variety of specialty wire terminals including sealed, parallel, and X & Y terminals. Each type of our wire terminals and connectors are available in an array of insulation options including heat shrink, vinyl, nylon, non-insulated, and high temp. The different types and insulations of our wire terminals ensure that the electrical connection demands of your vehicle or other electrical applications are met. Del City also offers a wide assortment of kits containing our different terminal connectors. These kits are organized by the type of wire terminals included and the size of the kit. The wire terminal kits are ideal for replenishing inventory or making sure you have the wire terminals you need on hand at all times. For easy installation of your wire terminals and terminal connectors, a large selection of professional grade crimp tools is also available. From ratcheting and standard to multi-purpose, our crimp tools are designed to ensure you get the most secure connection from your electrical crimp connectors. Del City’s dependable and durable line of wire terminals and accessories guarantees you receive the best connection on your vehicle or application.