Ring Terminals

Ring terminals are used to mate, connect or terminate a single wire, while allowing it to connect to a screw or stud type connection. Each ring terminal carries different characteristics including amperage rating, insulation type, and gauge size. Our heat shrink insulated ring terminal completely seals the connector and provides a durable electrical connection. A wide selection of different heat shrink ring terminal insulations is available at Del City. These heat shrink ring terminal styles include: Crimp & Heat Shrink, Solder & Heat Shrink, LEAD-FREE Solder & Heat Shrink, Crimp/Solder & Heat Shrink, and Crimp/LEAD-FREE Solder & Heat Shrink. The nylon-insulated ring terminals allow for a more flexible and pliable connection that also resists heat. Two insulation styles of nylon ring terminals are available: Nylon with a Brass Sleeve, and a Standard Clear Nylon. The brass sleeve on the nylon-insulated ring terminals will securely cover the flared, molded nylon. This style of ring terminal is also known as a double crimp terminal, because the brass sleeve will allow for two full crimps. The double crimp can ensure a better connection and provides excellent wire strain relief. The standard clear nylon-insulated ring terminals are advantageous as well, because this style will allow for easy inspection of the wire connection. Vinyl-insulated ring terminal selections are also available. The standard vinyl insulation is manufactured with a PVC sleeve and is the most economical insulated ring terminal available. There is also a vinyl-insulated funnel entry ring terminal, and this style allows for easier wire insertion. Finally, the non-insulated ring terminal is the most economical option overall, and it is best suited for non-special performance applications. The long neck version of the non-insulated ring terminal allows for easy visual inspection and maximum contact when stacking. The high temperature ring terminals are best suited for extreme temperature environments where a different ring terminal type would melt. All of these varying ring terminal types ensure that one of our ring terminals will meet the connection demands you need on your project or application.

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