Butt Connectors

Butt connector terminals are used to mate, connect, or terminate a single wire or multiple wires. These connectors are, essentially, parallel terminals designed to connect two wires together or connect one wire to two different wires. A butt connector can also be referred to as a parallel connector or butt splice due to its design and use. Butt connectors are commonly used in vehicle applications, such as automotive and marine, but can also be used on various electrical applications that require a wire connection. A butt connector is typically installed by stripping the ends of both wires, inserting the wires into the terminal ends, and crimping both ends of the butt connector with a crimp tool. Varying design characteristics of butt connectors provide different sets of benefits depending on the demands of the application. Some of these characteristics include amperage rating, insulation type, color, and gauge size. With over 100 butt connector and butt splice types available, you can find just the right connection you need at Del City.

Heat shrink butt connectors are made with an insulation that completely seals the terminal when heated to provide the most durable connection. This extra layer of protection prevents corrosion and accidental wire pull-out, which significantly increases the longevity and dependability of the butt connector. We offer several different styles of heat shrink butt connectors including Lead-Free and Step-Down options. Nylon-insulated butt connector terminals are more flexible and pliable when creating a connection. The nylon will also resist heat better than other insulation types, and it comes in a transparent material which allows easy inspection of the wire connection. Multiple types of nylon butt connectors are available, including a sealant filled connector and a connector with a brass sleeve. The vinyl-insulated butt connector options are the most economical insulation material available. The vinyl also completely surrounds and seals the terminal, making them ideal for marine and other vehicles. Cool Seal butt connectors install in just half of the time of a regular terminal while providing a moisture-tight and secure connection. These work by having a cool seal adhesive mold around the wire. There is no heating required with a Cool Seal butt connector. High temperature butt connector terminals provide protection in applications with environments that could melt other terminal types. Common applications include motors and ovens. Also available are non-insulated butt connectors which are ideal for situations when no special performance or installation needs are present. Each of the butt connector types listed can be found in varying sizes, colors, and ratings. With a wide variety of butt connectors offered, it is easy to find the best butt connector that meets the demands and needs of your application, project, or install.

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